MISSION & core values

 "Trail & tale" guided experience:

Let me guide you through Switzerland and the Alps. Learn about historical events which took place along the proposed treks. Experience the wilderness and the stunning views which influenced painters, novelist, philosphers and challenged many alpinists. Travel with the Swiss rail system, along majestic routes and infrastructures.

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Sport challenge

It's required to be sure footed and have good/high fitness level to ascend up to 1000-1500m and 10-15 km per day. Difficulty level up to T3 (summer), WT2 (winter, snowshoes), as per Swiss Alpine Club grading systems 

Multi language

English is the primary choice to welcome tourists and international people living in Switzerland. German-French-Italian are supported as well, to enjoy the most within a friendly multi cultural group

Public transportation

Treks are chosen to be easily accessible by SBB public system, with the primary goal of reducing environmental footprint (recommended GA or Half Fare Travelcards). The departure and arrival points are often different, therefore is more practical to rely on public transportation rather than private car

Knees friendly

Alternate routes or chairlifts might be evaluated to reduce part of the descent, adjust to participants' fitness level and/or limit the stress on the knees where not really necessary

Small group guided tours

The group attending each trek will be made of max of 8 people, to ensure a safer outdoor experience

Quality time

On top of the sport challenge, the planning includes enough time to enjoy the sun and know each other, during or after the trek. Eventually with an apero or dinner before closing the day

TREKKING experiences


Max 2h distance from Zurich

"Swiss Classics" treks in central and north-east Switzerland


Two days or longer treks

Exploring further & overnight stay in mountain huts


Targeting your own experience? 

Here you may find some suggestions, let's plan as per your expectations!